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Word Warp

Great game!! Gets my brain working and also, it can actually prevent Alzheimers!!!


When I need something to take me away and yet stimulate me, I go directly to this app. I love it. It keeps my mind perking without having to deal with outside world activities. It amazes me the way many words are interwoven into and from others. Love it.



Am Warped!

And hooked. So fun. So mindless. "No mind. No problem" says the

Great game

Adjust the parameters to make it challenging for you. Great go to when you just have a few minutes to wait.

Just keeps giving.

Ive had this game on every iPhone Ive ever had. Its perfect to fill a bit of open time anywhere -- waiting for (or on) the train, in bed before going to sleep, or even at work when looking for a short diversion to mentally recharge.

Love this game

Great app, great game!

Word warp

Very addictive. Love this ap.

Once a day, every day

My subject line says it all. Easy to use, challenging without being annoying. It is one of my oldest apps, and still in constant use. And -- the dictionary used is really decent, unlike so many other word game apps! Update: time has not diminished my fondness for this app. It is like the VW bug of games: hardly glamorous, rather old fashioned, but none the less endearing.


Good game. Some words a little iffy to me but overall very good.

Used to be a great game

This game is adequately fun. It USED to be challenging as well. When they included the rating data, we could see how we compared to other players, & rivalries were formed. However, access to the leadership board & achievement board hasnt been available for about 3 weeks. This is VERY unfortunate.

The most played game on my phone!

Word Warp is my 1st go-to game to pass a few minutes away. It works with the Game Center on the iPhone so you can be competitive, share scores with your friends, get achievements, etc. but--you dont have to annoy your friends with constant requests or get berated by constant ads to buy "boosters" or cheats to play. It is what it is -- which is pure, easygoing, drama-free, word-warping perfection!

The Missing Element

This is a fun app, but it does not recognize many legitimate words. It needs an option to submit missing words. Alternately, it could make use of an actual dictionary like the Oxford to check words. The former option would be cheaper.


Word Warp is a great game. Addicting and fun! Hard to put down.


Dont start playing unless you have an hour or two.

Good game

I keep coming back to this game. Dont get bored with it



I love this game!

Short & sweet. Lets me flex my mind muscle for short intervals.

Very Enjoyable

Its so easy to become completely engrossed in a game of Word Warp!

Great game

Perfect distraction when distraction is needed!

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