Word Warp App Reviews

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great game

this is the only game i will play at home when i could be watching tv instead :) works fine, remembers high score, no complaints.

Never gets old, LOTS OF FUN

This game is simple, but extremely fun! great to burn time, and doesnt get old or boring as quickly as games liek poker and blackjack.... excercise your brain with this game, well worth the 99 cents

Lots of fun!

This app is great! Doesnt get boring, and doesnt crash. $0.99 is an awesome deal, so I would definitely suggest you buy this :)

A Born to Be Classic

Love the game...wish it had the option to be in landscape mode though.

Great game, love it!

Reasonable word use, not too many odd words youve never heard. One of my faves to play.

My favorite game on my ipod

I love it. I just wonder if theres going to any word list updates because Im starting to get a number of repeat lists.


There is a free app thats is exCatly this game BTW

Great brain game!

Just like Chicktionary but without the stupid!

Still going strong

I love this game - and I love word challenges in general. I play at least a couple of rounds of Wordwarp every night before I go to bed to calm my mind. You can choose your colour scheme. This is a good one because you can play for a bit and put it down again. Ive had it for a year and still not bored with it.

Best word game

This app is worth it, best one I say.. A must have

Great game!

Simply excellent. I play this game almost every day

Nice idea, but...

I like anagram games, but the method of selecting words frustrates me with its slowness. Jumbline has a better method of entering words as you see them - drag and drop letters in place and then underline the word. This reduces the number of letters that need to be selected in many cases and the actions are very natural on a touch screen. In the end I have stopped using this one and cannot recommend it.

Kudos to the creator(s)

This is a very fun app. Easy to use, easy to understand yet quite challenging to play. I think its phenomenal and is easily worth twice as much as it is being sold for. LOVE IT

Good but

I really enjoy this game but I am finding too many words that are not in the dictionary, any dictionary...... Frustrating

Simple but I love it

This is the game Ive probably gone back to most often of any. When I finish an Infinity Blade update, or another tower defence game, I come back here. Ive been hoping for Game Center support for a long time, and now its here.

Word warp is great

Lots of fun

Very addictive

I play this all the time. My only issue is that it very occasionally repeats the identical set of letters.

Word Warp

This game is great for word lovers but be careful - its highly addictive!


Great game! Fun and addictive!

Word warp

Love the game, but really dislike the annoying messages that came with a recent update about connecting to game centre . Dont want game centre, I just want to play the game. Wish I could permanently turn the darn interruptions off.

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